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January 4, 2007 – No. 5

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A mother’s fight against asthma

Mary White, pictured with sons, Verdo (l) and BJThey never should have told Mary White about the Internet.

They also never should have told her about community meetings and public forums.

The worse thing is that no one should have told Mary White that she has asthma. Full story

Quality care key to living with asthma

As Dr. Christopher Fanta tells the story, there’s good and bad news about asthma.

First the good. Asthma is a livable disease.

“It’s become so common,” Dr. Fanta says. “It’s something that so many people and schools and workplaces have to deal with. But it’s a livable disease. People with asthma can lead full, active, and even athletic lives.” Full story


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Asthma-related Emergency
Department Visits:
Boston 2003

In 2003, the rate for emergency department (ED) visits for asthma by blacks was ten times the rate for Asians, and more than six times the rate for whites.

Rate is defined as ED visits for asthma per 1,000 population. (click graph to see it on its own page)

Source: The Health of Boston 2006, prepared by the Boston Public Health Commission, March 2006

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