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July 5, 2007 – No. 11

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Blood pressure
and cholesterol:
The stakes are high
Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is key to controlling or preventing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Iris Rivera

Dr. Randall Zusman is normally a mild-mannered man.

But when it comes to treating patients with hypertension and high cholesterol, Dr. Zusman, director of the Division of Hypertension at Massachusetts General Hospital, has a different approach.

He calls it “the riot act.” Full story

Monica HenryHitting the right numbers

Say this about Monica Henry — she knows the numbers.

Four years ago, her bad cholesterol, measuring more than 100, was high. It’s now down to 64, way under the acceptable level. Her blood pressure that exceeded 160/90 runs about 125/65.

Her weight once hovered around 230 pounds. She is now down to 170 pounds, which better fits her 5-foot-6-1/2-inch frame. Full story


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Cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like substance produced by the liver, is needed by the body to make cell membranes and produce certain hormones. Full story

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force exerted on your artery walls as blood flows through your body each time the heart pumps. Full story

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