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July 2, 2009 – Vol. 3 • No. 11

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All together now … breathe

Emma Nance practices liturgical dancing to reduce her stress.
Emma Nance
Think you are stressed out?

Try being Emma Nance.

It must have been a bizarre sight — a 64-year-old woman confronting a man in a grocery store, yelling and screaming about a parking space he allegedly “stole” from her.

“I went inside the store and tracked him down,” she recalls. “I had to let him know.”

Nance admits she was short-tempered and prone to erupt at even the smallest provocation. It got to the point where Nance didn’t even recognize herself. She finally concluded, “That’s enough.” Full story

Balancing mind, body and soul

For years, Angela Hofmann refused to take a yoga class. Even though her friend was an expert and yoga instructor, Hofmann wouldn’t take her up on repeated offers.

Finally, about seven years ago, she went to her first class. She liked it but didn’t consider yoga an integral part of her life. All that changed about three years ago, when she explained that she started “feeling the benefits.”

She is now a convert.

“Now that I do it,” she said, “I will never not do it. The inner strength it gives me, I don’t want to be without.”
Full story


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The stress response

Stress is the body’s reaction to a circumstance that requires a response or adjustment. It’s not necessarily bad. The stress response allows us to avoid life-threatening situations ― we quickly jump out of the way of an oncoming automobile.

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