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Signs and symptoms

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding, spotting or discharge after menopause

  • Prolonged periods or bleeding between periods

  • Pelvic pain or cramping

  • Pain during intercourse

  • Difficult or painful urination

  • Unexpected weight loss
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The good news

Uterine cancer cannot be prevented, but if caught early, it can often be cured. Report any abnormal vaginal bleeding ― regardless of age ― to your doctor.

Uterine cancer is one of four cancers that have a higher than 95 percent five-year relative survival rate if caught early. When uterine cancer moves to distant parts of the body, the survival rate reduces to less than 24 percent.

Survival Rates
Source: American Cancer Society
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What are the odds?

If two people with sickle cell disease have children, it stands to reason that all their children will also have the disease. Otherwise, it is not as straightforward. More

Surviving sickle
cell disease

It is not always possible to prevent a sickle cell crisis or a long-term complication. However, there are measures you can take to manage the disease and minimize its impact. More

A closer look

In sickle cell disease, the red blood cells are C-shaped and sticky. They can form clumps and block the flow of blood. More

Making sense of genetic disorder

As far as Lynnie Reid knew, her newborn girl was as healthy as could be. All of that changed about eight months later. Instead of bounce, there was lethargy, and no one could figure out the reason. When the doctors finally did, Reid was even more mystified. More

Early awareness
key to managing symptoms

Myiesha Demery has come a long way. Born in the Virgin Islands, she moved to Boston when she was 5 years old in part because of her medical condition. More

The fight for survival starts early

Children with sickle cell disease — also referred to as sickle cell anemia — can lead healthy and productive lives. With medications for pain and infection, timely immunizations and adherence to healthy habits, children can live a life filled with school, family and other activities they enjoy. This is not to minimize the severity of the disease. More