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Decmember 3, 2009 – Vol. 4 • No. 4

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Ending the “silent killer” myth

It was bad enough that Maria Pinheiro was waking up throughout the night to visit the bathroom. What was worse, she said, was feeling bloated all the time.

It was more than a feeling. “My stomach got so big I had to buy a bigger dress to attend a wedding,” she said. “Everyone thought I was pregnant. I just thought I was gaining weight.”

Those were not the only red flags that Pinheiro initially ignored. She had trouble eating and felt full after only a few bites. But it was the constant pains in her lower back and pelvis that drove her to the doctor. She thought they were the result of her overdoing it while repainting a room in her house.

She was quite mistaken, and learned a valuable lesson about the very real symptoms of what many believe to be a silent killer: ovarian cancer is not all that silent. Full story

Young survivor shares her story

The moment of discovery occurred when Chana Garcia was having an ultrasound performed on her abdomen. She had been complaining for months about discomfort and indigestion and a strange gurgling sound coming from her stomach. But her doctors couldn’t find anything.

She thought the problems were the result of a recent trip to Mexico where she admits that she might have had a few too many glasses of wine or roadside tacos or even some of the contaminated water. What was odd, she recalls, is that she was losing weight and feeling bloated at the same time. Full story


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A closer look

The two ovaries — about the size and shape of an olive — sit on either side of the uterus. They produce eggs for reproduction and the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

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