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Men’s health: regular checkups vital first step

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Looking for services you
can call your own?
Men’s Health Program
Whittier Street Health Center

The Men’s Health League
Cambridge Public Health Dept.
Young Men’s Health Clinic
Boston Medical Center

Barron Center for
Men’s Health
Mount Auburn Hospital

How important are doctor’s visits to your overall health routine?

Celebrate Men’s Health Week …
and check yourself out!
Condition Frequency*
Starting age*
High blood pressure At least every two years
High cholesterol Every five years
Type 2 diabetes Every three years
Prostate cancer Yearly
Colorectal cancer Every one to ten years
Obesity Yearly

*Frequency and starting age will differ by risk factors.
For instance, if you have prostate cancer in your family,
you will probably start screening at age 40 or 45.

This schedule applies to asymptomatic persons.
Follow your doctor’s recommendations once a diagnosis is confirmed.

Celebrate Men’s Health Week … and check yourself out!

Looking for services you can call your own?

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A closer look

Testosterone is a sex hormone that makes men men. It is responsible for their sex drive, sperm production, body hair, muscle mass and bone density. Men gradually lose testosterone over time especially after the age of 40. Other causes of loss are injuries, infections and hormonal disorders. Some men have no symptoms or fail to recognize them. When symptoms impair quality of life, low testosterone can be evaluated and treated, often by an endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in disorders of hormones.

Possible Symptoms

Decrease in sex drive

Erectile dysfunction

Low sperm count

Enlarged breasts

Mood changes

Reduced muscle bulk and strength

Increased body fat

Decreased bone density


Fatigue, decreased energy

Sleep disturbances


Trouble concentrating or remembering things

Hot flashes

How important are doctor’s visits
to your overall health routine?


Jerel Ferguson, 35
Customer Service Rep.

Very important. Because historically its been neglected.
I’ve been going annually for the last 18 years.
It’s beneficial to our survival.

Ian Cotterrell, 48

Property Manager

I’ll go to the doctor in a minute. If I’m not feeling
well, it doesn’t take me long at all to make that call.

Master Heg Robinson, 67

Tai Chi/Qigong Master

It is the absolute, most valuable thing a human
being can do. On a scale of one to ten, it’s a 10 ½ !


Charles Horton, 67

Very important. It gives peace of mind and helps me navigate on overall health issues. I visit the doctor three to four times a year.


Harold Gooding, 43
Data Entry Specialist

Very important. Especially when you reach my age. After 40 yrs., you may still be young at heart, but you’ve got to be more responsible.