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Celebrate World Kidney Day

Get screened for chronic kidney failure

Date: March 8, 2012

Location: Cathedral Housing Community Room
1472 Washington Street

Time: 3-7 p.m.

Contact: Kendall Maggi at 800-542-0001

Sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation Serving New England

March is National Kidney Month

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, check your kidney function every year. If your doctor does not offer testing, ask for it. More

Learn about the State donor registry, living donation and
paired donation by clicking here.

A few words from
Alonzo Mourning

Source: Health Resources and
Services Administration

A silent but deadly disease

Lloyd Smith, 46, admits he did not take the news too well that he was suffering from kidney failure. In his mind, he was still an athlete, having played football in college and the Navy. He was also the man of the house to his wife and four children. As far as Smith was concerned, what the doctors said couldn’t possibly be true. “I knew I could beat it,” he said. “I was in denial.” More

Regular screenings key to prevention

Years before he started dialysis, Alex
Drumm, 39, was pretty easy to find —
inside the neighborhood gym. He was there
six days a week walking on the treadmill
and pumping iron — trying his best to get
those 20-inch biceps. Nineteen and a half inches just wouldn’t do. More

When kidneys fail

Perched on either side of the spine below the rib cage, the kidneys clear the blood stream of the wastes and excess water that become urine. These fist-sized organs help control blood pressure and make several hormones needed to keep the body healthy. More