Past Issues

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August: Immunizations

July: Fruits and veggies

June: Changing unhealthy behavior

May: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

April: Breast Cancer

March: Kidney Failure

February: Heart disease in women

January: Glaucoma



December: Primary Care

November: Making Smoking History

October: Cancer & Health Disparities

September: Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

August: Checkup

July: PTSD

May: Arthritis

April: Bone Marrow Transplant

March: Nutrition Labels

February: Head and Neck Cancer

January: Adolescent Health



November: Type 2 Diabetes in Children

October: Medication Safety

August: Headaches

July: Suicide

June: Men's Health

May: Osteoporosis

April: Cancer Prevention

March: Patient Power

February: Vitamin D

January: Obesity



December: Ovarian Cancer

November: Smoking

October: Influenza

September: Sickle Cell Disease

August: Uterine Cancer

July: Stress

June: Childhood Obesity

May: Fibroids

April: Lupus

March: Nutrition

February: Oral Health

January: Clinical Trials



December: Exercise

November: Metabolic Syndrome

October: Breast Cancer

September: Prostate Cancer

August: Unintentional Injuries

July: Alzheimer's Disease

June: Colorectal Cancer

May: Skin Cancer

April: Alcohol Abuse

March: Kidney Disease

February: Heart Failure

January: Healthy Eating



December: Healthy Aging

November: Premature Birth

October: Cervical Cancer

September: Peripheral Arterial Disease

August: Depression

July: Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

June: HIV

May: Stroke

April: Obesity

March: Diabetes

February: Heart Disease

January: Asthma Awareness



December: Consumerism

November: Smoking and Lung Health

October: Breast & Cervical Health

September: Men's Health & Prostate Health