One step at a time

When making lifestyle changes, modifications that are incremental and unobtrusive are more easily integrated into everyday life and can result in a permanent change.

Take baby steps.

For instance, instead of a giant leap from whole to skim milk to improve one’s health, it is easier to make the change in four steps.

Whole milk

150 Calories

8 grams of
Total fat

5 grams of
Saturated fat

24 milligrams
of Cholesterol

2% milk

122 Calories

4.8 grams of
Total fat

3.1 grams of
Saturated fat

20 milligrams
of Cholesterol

1% milk

102 Calories

2.4 grams of
Total fat

1.5 grams of
Saturated fat

12 milligrams
of Cholesterol

Skim milk

86 Calories

.4 grams of
Total fat

.3 grams of
Saturated fat

5 milligrams
of Cholesterol

Source: Calorie Count

Just moving from one 8-ounce glass of whole milk to 2 percent milk has more impact than it appears. It results in about an 18 percent reduction in calories and cholesterol, and roughly a 40 percent decrease in fats.

The ultimate transition from whole to skim milk results in a 43 percent drop in calories and a 79 percent drop in cholesterol. Fat content is minimal.

That is an impressive benefit and doesn’t cost a penny more.